Everyone Thought She Was A Normal Puppeteer. But When She Started Doing THIS, Their Jaws Dropped!

Anne Klinge is one of the most talented puppeteers that I’ve seen till date. She is not just skillful with her puppets, but has really creative idea to use the props around her. She also has a really good and flexible body. Her act is very hilarious and refreshing as well.

This video below features her Britain’s Got Talent audition from 2016. For this audition, she decides to use her legs as puppets! One of her leg is dressed as a man, while the other depicts a woman. Together they form a really cute and adorable love story that leaves everyone in the audience rolling in the floor laughing. Even Simon can’t help but be stunned by this performance.

Did you like this act? Watch this video below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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