This Ad Was Voted The BEST Christmas Commercial Of ALL TIMES… Wait Till You See Why!

Now-a-days commercials are not just a way to sell out the products but it has become a great way to provide important messages to the mass audiences. In every Christmas, different companies bring out various advertisements; inspiring, heartrending and some hilarious. This video below features this year’s commercial by John Lewis, UK based chain of supermarkets, which has apparently become the best advertisement ever made.

This commercial follows a little girl named Lily who loves gazing at the sky with her telescope. One night when she was looking at the moon through her telescope, she saw an old man living all alone at a house in the moon. She was mesmerized to see the man and tried to communicate with him. But no matter what she did, she couldn’t send the message to the man in the moon. Finally, when Christmas day came, Lily did something incredible!

Watch this tear jerking commercial in the video below. Did this touch your heart? Let us know via comments!

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