3 Moms Walk Onstage. But No One In The Audience Thought They Would See Them Do This!

Honestly, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen is one of the most renowned song and masterpiece of the music industry. There is no one who can deny this fact. Freddie Mercury, the frontman of the band wrote this song for their 1975 studio album “A Night at the Opera”. It is said that, when he first presented this song to his band members, even they were shocked to see the complexity of this song. Even though this song received mixed critical reactions at the beginning of its release, now it is recognized as one of the masterpieces.

You might think that NO ONE can make this song more interesting than it already is. But just hold your thought! You might be more surprised to hear this version of the song in the video below. Three moms altered the lyrics of this song for the opening performance of the 2010 mother’s day service at Church on the Move (COTM). They called this song “Mommy Rhapsody” and it is just hilarious!

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