This Rescued Dog Hates Eating Alone. What She Does When It’s Dinner Time? LOL… Hilarious!

Bonnie was once homeless and struggling to live in streets. But after she was rescued by the Sato Rescue Organization, her life changed drastically. Once she had to fight for her life, but now she is all settled at her forever new caring home. However, there is one thing that is really special about Bonnie that is she completely hates eating her dinner alone.

When little Bonnie is given dinner in this video, she instantly shocks everyone in the room with her hilarious antics. She likes her new siblings and wants to eat with them. Even though her parents were being a bit careful before introducing a new dog to their old one during meal time, Bonnie absolutely tried her best to fit in.

Watch what Bonnie does next! This is so hilarious and adorable at the same time. What are your thoughts about it? Share it with us in the comments!

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