Poor Dog Is TERRIFIED Of Feathers. What He Does When He Spots One? LOL!

Dogs are really curious creatures. However, like everyone else they are also afraid and terrified of the unknown. Take this little pooch for example. This dog has never seen a feather before and doesn’t know what it really is. So how he reacts when he spots one in his way? You will be smiling ear to ear!

This dog was probably playing out in the porch when he suddenly saw a fluffy feather stuck in the widow. Curiously, this dog managed to approach the feather but didn’t dare to touch it. At first he smelt the feather then he tried to touch it. But when the feather fluttered because of the wind, the dog backed off and restrained from touching it.

This dog is going to steal your heart. Watch this video below and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us through your comments below!

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