His dog passed away because of cancer. Now he pays him respect with this heartrending tribute

People go to all the ends for their dogs and same can be said in the context of dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend and no one can deny this fact. What can be better example of this statement than this video below! Denali the dog and his owner Ben Moon have gone through thick and thin in their life. However, at the very end of Denali’s life, Ben Moon does something for Denali that is leaving everyone with tears!

Ben is an Oregon-based photographer. For more than 14 years, Denali and Ben have been best friends and travelled different places of the world together. Their adventure together went viral in the internet too. But when Ben was diagnosed with cancer, everything changed. Denali stood by Ben and supported him. And after months of treatment, Ben finally got rid of cancer that once threatened his life. However, after a decade, Denali was diagnosed with the same disease that once his best friend had. Now watch what Ben does for his loyal Denali at the last stage of his life!

This is just heartbreaking. Do share your thoughts about this video in the comments section below!

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