His Babysitter Is Abusive, But Mom Has NO IDEA. Watch What The Family Dog Does Next.

When Benjamin and Hope hired 22 year old Alexis Khan as a care taker for their seven month old son Finn, they didn’t have the slightest idea about what kind of huge mistake they were committing. The new parents from South Carolina had taken all their steps with caution; they had checked her background and interviewed her.

However they began to notice something weird in the family. All of a sudden their dog Killian had become quite over protective of Finn especially when Khan would walk through the door. Benjamin and Hope this decided to have a check if everything was going right. Hope slipped an iPhone under the couch and recorded the aftermath. Later when they listened to the tape, not only were they shocked but they were traumatized to picture what their child had been going through all this time.

The heartless babysitter had been abusing, hurting and slapping their baby insanely. If it was not for Killian’s behavior the couple would have never known what had been going wrong. Watch this video and share your thoughts on this video through your comments.

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