A Policewoman Was Mistreating A Homeless Veteran. Now Keep Your Eyes On The Kid Beside Him!

Even though veterans serve and protect their country throughout their lives, a lot of percent of these veterans return home only to be homeless. Not only that, these veterans are mistreated and mostly ignored by the civilians which is very heartbreaking to watch. This video below features a social experiment which was executed by a YouTube channel MoeAndEt. Three brothers joined forces to see what would happen if a homeless child was set up beside a homeless man. And the result is shocking!

Moe and Et’s little brother was dressed up as homeless kid and he sat beside a homeless man who happened to be a veteran. Almost all of the pedestrians ignored the homeless veteran even though he was constantly calling out to them for some food. However, many of the pedestrians not just gave homeless child some money but they also gave him blessings. But the most unbelievable part was when a policewoman publicly assaulted homeless veteran.

Wait till you see what happens at the end of the video. You won’t believe it! Drop your thoughts about it through your comments in the comments section below!

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