Foster Dog Was Unable To Sleep – Until A Little Girl Cuddled In With Him And Did THIS! Aww!

Anna and her family foster dogs for military, and also for people who need to be hospitalized through PACT for animals. So obviously dogs come and go from her house regularly. It has made Anna really attached and responsible towards dogs, and she has also learned some tricks to take care of them. Take this video below for an instance!

Laila, the new foster dog in Anna’s house was having trouble sleeping. So, as soon as Anna realized this, she went up to the dog and did something unbelievable. Anna cuddled in with Laila and started to sing for her. The soothing sound of Anna made Laila slowly fall into deep slumber. According to Anna’s mom, Laila loves it when Anna sings for her.

Check out this precious video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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