Poor Pug Can’t Keep Up With Her Siblings While Running. What She Did Instead? AWW!

Dogs are just amazing creatures. There’s never a dull moment with them. Everything is exciting. Everything is new. You’ve been out for work the whole day? It’s been seven days in their calendar. No wonder they’re so happy to fetch you your filthy ole socks at night. Well, they are man’s best friend. A true and loyal companion. Dogs sure can teach you a thing or two about unconditional love. Just like Loca does with her singing in the following video.

Loca is a pug who lives in Ireland. She tells us her story through this hilarious and adorable little song. In the song she tells us about her family and how proud she is to be amongst them canines. Well there’s a thing that Loca just can’t do. And that is: she can’t run. But it’s alright, she says. She loves her family and her family loves her back nonetheless.

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