NOBODY Knew WHY This Elephant Was Losing Weight Quickly… Until They Found THIS In Her Mouth!

Toothaches are definitely no fun! Be it for kids, adults or even giant creatures like elephants, toothaches are the worst enemies. It is not just the pain that get us, but the fact that we cannot eat properly that affects us the most. Take this video below for an instance! This poor elephant named Lucha was having a massive toothache so she was losing her weight.

At first, zookeepers from ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in England, didn’t know why Lucha was refusing to eat and losing weight. Then, they started to examine this 33 year old Asian elephant’s mouth and that is where they found the problem. Lucha was having a major tooth infection. Instantly, head veterinarian, Nic Masters contacted dental specialist Peter Kertesz and operated on Lucha. Now, Lucha is out of pain and is gaining weight.

Watch the full story in the video below. And don’t forget to write us back in the comments section below!

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