For 20 Yrs This Lion Was Chained. Now Wait Till You See What Happens When Rescuers Approach Him!

No animal deserves to be chained up all his life. We have seen many animal cruelty video and every one of them make you feel angry and sad. More than domestic animals, wild animals like lion, tiger and elephants are the victims of such animal cruelty as they are taken up by circuses and chained up for the mere entertainment of humans. This video also features a story of a mountain lion who was chained up all his life but is finally rescued.

For almost 20 years, Mufasa, this mountain lion spent his life in captivity at a Peruvian circus. Fortunately for him, his struggle was observed by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and this organization did all they could to help him. When ADI tracked down the location of Mufasa’s captivity, he was chained down at the back of a pickup truck. He was then rescued and brought back to the secure ADI natural habitat without any chains or limitations.

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