Dog Starts To Watch A Horror Movie. But What He Does During A Scary Scene? OMG!

You surely have seen many videos showing a dog enjoying his TV time. And well if you own one, you surely know how excited they get sometimes to watch the screen. But this video is gonna show you something very different. Have you ever seen a pup watching a horror movie? Yes a horror movie!

I actually fell for this dog. Firstly I fell for his guts! If I were him, I would have ran away even with a mere sight of it. And secondly, I had never seen a dog so gently watching a horror movie with such keen interest. But what struck me the most was the way this dog reacted when the ghost appeared on the screen. I don’t exactly know if he started to bark out of fear or in an attempt to thrash the ghost to leave the little girl in the screen alone.

However the dog responding this way to a ghost appearing on the screen is quite funny. Most probably the adorable pup was trying to warn the ghost to leave the little girl alone, as dogs are generally known to be very protective of kids.

Watch this video and tell us what you think about it through your comments. We would love to have your thoughts!

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