For Every One View Of This Video, One Pound Of Dog Food Will Be Donated To A Shelter In Need.

Same routine, different day. That’s the monotonous life structure we’re stuck in. it’s always the same old story. That’s why I believe we need to take some time off to have fun. And that’s why surprises are also fun. But you know the best surprise ever? PUPPIES! Yes that’s right, puppies. SoulPancake and Puppy Chow’s collaboration on this video is just lovely. In regular places like the gym and retirement home they flood the place with adorable little puppies.

What’s better than seeing jaw dropping reactions of people who’ve been surprised with puppies? Well that would be the fact that every view of this video, Puppy Chow is going to donate one pound of dog food to a shelter or a rescue in need. So please, please, please share this video in assurance that out there somewhere a pooch in need gets its dinner.

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