Mom Asks “Who Pooped In The Kitchen?” These Dogs’ Reaction? I Can’t Stop Laughing!

Dogs are always loyal and can’t lie. It is true that sometimes when they are guilty they try to avoid their owners and escape from all the questions their owners have for them. But other times, they just can’t seem to keep their mouth shut. This dog in the video below too couldn’t help but point out the criminal when mom confronted them about the mess in the kitchen.

When mom returned home, she saw that someone pooped in the kitchen. Soon enough, she gathered her two adorable dogs and asked them “who pooped in the kitchen?” But she was definitely NOT expecting this reaction from her dogs. Judy the terrier couldn’t help but point out to Sunny to be the guilty one. And what’s more funny is how Sunny guilty stares back at her owner. Awww… What an adorable pair!

Guilty dogs always have the most hilarious reactions when their owners confront them, and this video tops the list. Watch this video and don’t forget to comment on the comments section below!

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