They Heard Some Noise Coming From That Hole. Now Wait Until You See What They Find Inside.

There are many animal rescue videos in the internet but you probably haven’t watched such an intense rescue video as this one. It is a story of a little pup who accidentally fell into a drain pipe and couldn’t get out of it all night. Poor guy was screaming all night long, and his mother was crying too.

The day started early for a Michigan Humane Society Officer Chris Oewerkerk and his team. They were dispatched in order to save the puppy trapped inside the drain pipe. It almost seemed impossible to get this little fella out of the pipe; however the rescuers didn’t give up. The place was soon enough swarmed up by the rescuers, police and even fire fighters. They all dug up the place and finally rescued the pup.

Watch this heart-racing rescue video which was covered by a TV news channel. Do let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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