They Stood With Their Head Down. But Seconds Later?I Can’t Take My Eyes Off!

Even though its 2016 already, here in ThisAmazedMe, we couldn’t help but turn back and scoop out this viral video from last year. This video features a four-time national championship clogging team from Lincoln, Nebraska who are performing their tap dance routine in 2015’s hit song “Uptown Funk”. As you probably know there has been a lot of dance cover videos for this song. Yet, this live performance by young dance group is the best I’ve ever seen!

Tap This, this dance crew featured in the video below are a talented group who have their own style of dancing. They are mostly known to mix different dance styles together, however, their main base is tap dance itself; thus the name of their crew. This group consist of 14 members and they have toured to different states and enthralled millions. In this video too, they brought the house down with their enchanting dance routine.

Watch this video below. Did you like it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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